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Our Visit to



National Park

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ys_2_small.jpg (2821 bytes)  Jason & Diane at Inspiration Point. ys_4_small.jpg (1502 bytes)

The Hot springs Boardwalk. Constant year round steambaths!

YS 6.jpg (31039 bytes)

Covered in steam

YS 5.jpg (47898 bytes) Jason on the boardwalk, steamed. ys_3_small.jpg (1476 bytes) Old Faithful erupted about every 70-74 minutes at our visit. ys7.jpg (65094 bytes)  Minerva Terraces are made up of mineral and calcium deposits released from the springs.
ys_9_small.jpg (1489 bytes)

Thermal Hot Springs

YS 1.jpg (54803 bytes) The Sulfur Caldrons. Very stinky boiling springs. The sulfur made the smell almost unbearable! bear.jpg (30053 bytes) Grizzly in the woods. This bear was very large, and very shy. He stood about 50 yards from our truck!
ys8.jpg (64689 bytes) Old Fort Yellowstone residents. Friends1.jpg (71382 bytes) Donna & Stephanie Begnoche at Artists Point. Our friends from the bus trip. Moose.jpg (51974 bytes) A Curious Moose. This moose ventured near our bus and gave us a great pose!
YS10.jpg (169997 bytes) The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone-Waterfall YSmap.jpg (238911 bytes)
Map of Yellowstone National Park.

Thermal Evolution

Did you know that the valley in Yellowstone National Park is rising about 1 inch each year? Caused by the build up of heat from the thermal activity, the ground is slowly rising up causing the wetland to become dry hills and valleys. As one of the most active volcanic areas on the earth, Yellowstone National Park is constantly changing.