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The Bus Tour


October 2001

This is our very first bus trip! We decided to take a bus trip across the USA and see the some of the great landmarks. Among the stop we made were the Grand Teton Mountains and Yellowstone National Park. Photos of those areas can be viewed on the Yellowstone page of this site. Links to the Yellowstone site are included if you would like to learn more about it.
Below are some of the wonderful photos of the places we visited. The trip took 9 days and spanned across 5 states. We made some great friends along they way and also learned a lot about these places. This trip was made possible by many people including the Salina Charter Coach and Bennington State Bank of Kansas.



Crazyhorse Monument

CrzHorse1.jpg (57820 bytes) CrzHorse2.jpg (83788 bytes)

 CrzHorseUs.jpg (61381 bytes)


The Badlands

 Badlands 001.jpg (50711 bytes)

Badlands2.jpg (32835 bytes)

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