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My Photos

This is where I will display some of the photos I have taken. I take a lot of photographs, mostly for artistic reference. I have 2 cameras that I use:

A Canon Rebel EOS with 1-500mm automatic lens, 1-500mm manual mirror lens, 1-80mm lens, and 1-200mm lens.

An Olympus Camedia combination digital camera (also prints Polaroid's of the digital photos!)

Both of these take excellent photos that are clear and detailed.

I am not a professional photographer, but that doesn't stop me from taking some great pictures!



Scroll down to view the captions

Chester before...,

Chester After


All Dressed up for Easter

All Dressed up for Easter too!

That's us!

A little mountain rodent thing

My roses


Grizzly in the woods at Yellowstone

Big Red

Big Red having lunch

The Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City. The organ has over 10,000 hand carved pipes.

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