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RDS Expressions 2003
All rights reserved

*~All poems featured here are original works of the Authors named, therefore all copyrights are of the sole ownership of the author. Express permission has been given, by the author, to allow these works to be published here. Please respect the creativity of others and do not copy these without  permission from the author. Poems without an author will be noted as such until they are claimed. If you are the owner of a poem featured on this site, please send an  to have the poem removed or credited to you.~*
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The Morning Light *Author*
Diane S
Glenda Lou Martin
Only a moment ago *Author*
Glenda Lou Martin
Vision Of Heaven *Author* whitedove  2003 ~*Coming Soon*~
~*Coming Soon*~ ~*Coming Soon*~ ~*Coming Soon*~ ~*Coming Soon*~ ~*Coming Soon*~

The Morning Light

In the morning light
My eye's deceive me
I see silhouettes of you
I hear your whispers on the wind
and sweet kisses come from the dew
Butterfly wings carry your caress
as they gently flutter by
They Sun brings the warmth of your embrace
as golden rays reach across the sky
In the morning light
My eyes deceive me
Your image fades away
Your memory sustains my love
 to live another day

*Diane S*




(C) 2003 by Glenda Lou Martin

Headaches, fever, joint aches, and chills

Orange juice, chicken soup, and drug store bills.

Hot tea, tissues, runny nose

Nausea, hunger, on and on it goes.

Miserable, sick, wish you could die

When does it end? You just have to sigh.

Toast and jello, Cold Gingerale

I look terrible, I'm paler than pale

Weak and shaky, just put me in bed

Pulling the covers up over my head

Hungry and thirsty, please give me something to eat!

I think I've done it, I think the flu's beat!

Giving a cheer heard far and near

It's all over...until next year!



(C) 2002 by Glenda Lou Martin


Only a moment ago,

I was a teenager, fancy-free

Running around, skinning my knee

Only a moment ago.


Only a moment ago,

I was a woman in my twenties

Chasing dreams, seeking realities

Only a moment ago.


Only a moment ago,

A woman in her thirties stared back at me

Silvery hair I started to see

Only a moment ago.


Only a moment ago,

This woman in her forties got out of my bed

Achy with arthritis, shaking her head

Only a moment ago.


The years have come and the years have gone,

Time has been good, time has been bad

Events have been happy, events have been sad.

Was it all only a moment ago?



I had a vision of heaven, shinning like

SILVER and gold. with streets as wide as

cities, and a land where we'll never

grow old.

On the FACE of all my loved one's, was a

Smile so big and so bright, it looked just

like a RAINBOW, after the rain had gone

out of sight.

Why, I have never seen such beauty, and there

were babies that would tumble and roll. the

very thought of entering, would warm your very


The COLORS were like PEARLS glistening, and

the light so very bright. one would no longer

need to worry, about the long cold winter NIGHT.

The music played so softly, angels gathered

all around. in HOPE that you would listen,

as they sang so heavenly bound.

Please think of your DESTINY. will you take

that Heavenly flight? will you be ready when

Jesus calls? or will you just stand there and

frown?  because if your not ready, then I can

see you FALLEN right back down to the ground