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Congo African Grey Parrot

"cheen~gu" meaning a friend)

This is my male African Grey Parrot. I picked him out of a clutch of 3 babies just after he hatched in December 1995. I was originally going to get a Sulfer crested Cockatoo but when an adult African Grey grabbed me through the cage and sang Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes", I was hooked!

Chingo has learned many words, phrases and sound effects. He will often use words or phrases correctly or at the correct time. For example when the phone rings, he will say "Hello, yeah, no, he's not here". He will even end the conversation by saying "ok, talk to ya later". Most of his "conversation" in repeated in my husbands voice. Many of the laughing imitations are in my voice which is higher. He doesn't seem to prefer either pitch, just however he feels like saying it at the time.

His favorite treats are Peanuts! He will be your friend forever if you give him a peanut. He also likes Gala apples, broccoli, plain pasta, bananas and blueberry muffins for breakfast.

He doesn't like to be handled but he likes to be petted. He will also let himself out of his cage when he feels the need to explore (or tease the dogs).


Posing for the camera
What's that? Got any peanuts in there?
I don't wanna go out that far, you come closer!
I dance when I'm happy!