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Parrots love nuts! My parrot especially loves roasted, (unsalted) peanuts. Nuts and berries make up a large part of a parrots diet. Depending upon the species, nuts need to be offered in moderation. Parrots such as African Greys tend to build up fatty deposits more easily than other parrots. Because of this, I only let him have one or two a day. He will go on to ask for a peanut about 500 times a day!




Organic is the best. If you can't find organically grown foods, just make sure you thoroughly wash all of your veggies.

Some healthy foods to offer your parrot are:
carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, tomato, spinach, parsley, basil, sprouts.
Fruits:    Apples, bananas,
oranges, pineapples, grapes, strawberries, coconut slivers, etc.

Some foods to avoid:  Avocados (poisonous to birds), onions, mushrooms, leeks, hot peppers, milk, sodas, coffee, tea, herbal drinks.

Sometimes you will see parrot food in the stores that offer dried red peppers. This is ok since most birds do not have saliva. Without saliva, they can't get the taste of "hot" in the dried peppers.

  Seeds. Seed based diets are very popular. However, feeding your parrot a seed only diet is not a wise thing to do! Seeds are full of fat! Birds can live a long time on a seed diet but to ensure your parrots overall health and happiness, variety is key! They love different foods! They may not always be willing to try new foods but generally, most birds will try it if they know it is food. Try mixing in different chopped veggies with some cooked plain pasta. Cooked oats are a favorite too.

If you don't have time to always make fresh cut veggies, then consider switching your bird to a pellet diet. Pellets are offered in many pet stores and there are several brands to choose from. There are even companies that make species specific pellets that have a certain nutrient blend for each species! Pellets are a wonderful way to provide the vitamins and nutrients your bird needs.

Whatever you plan on feeding to your bird, it's best to do some reading about your species of parrot and determine the correct diet combination from that. This page is just a general guide to help get you started. Remember also, that just because a book says your parrot will eat a certain fruit or veggie doesn't mean that YOUR parrot will like it. Do some experimenting, let your bird try out different ones and it will decide if it likes the food. Parrots, like people, have a taste for certain foods.